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        Should I Paint or Replace my Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting your existing cabinets can be a great way to update your kitchen and it can be done for a fraction of the cost of what it would to replace and install new cabinets.

It can be quite a lengthy process when painting kitchen cabinets professionally and properly the whole process takes time, patience and attention to small details.

Before the paint can be opened, the most important steps of prep and protection of surfaces must be done first. You will notice below, the necessary prep work is 80 percent of the process.

Removing all cabinet doors and hardware…Taking time to label each piece so everything can be returned to the exact same locations once painting is finished.

Thoroughly cleaning all surfaces to be painted…Cabinet doors, drawer fronts, insides of cabinets if applicable.

Masking off and protecting all surfaces not to be painted…Walls, worktops, splash backs, inside of cabinets, ceilings, floors and any cabinets not to be painted.

Scuff sanding all surfaces to be painted and removing all dust.
Priming using a high quality adhesion primer to make sure adhesion to existing surface is optimized.

Sand primer to make surface as smooth as possible and remove all dust again.

After doing all of the above preperation work, the paint can finally be applied. 



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